You Can’t Copy Your Way to Health

May 11, 2021

In a world of instant gratification, especially around weight loss, it can be difficult to trust the process and stay in your lane. For the past 17 years during my wellness career there has been a constant over those years and that is people want to have the same results as their best friend, co-worker or an influencer. 

I know you guys are tired of hearing my message of individuality, but I will keep on saying it until it hits home. YOU CANNOT COPY YOUR WAY TO HEALTH. What has worked for your friend or family member just might not work for you. 

When you see a friend who has lost weight and looks incredible, it is a natural to be curious as to what they have done. I think it is great to ask questions and find out what tools your friends and certain wellness influencers have used. Where I strongly disagree is trying to replicate exactly what they have done. When I coach clients nutrition and physical activity are just two parts of the puzzle. People who have lost weight and here’s the clencher , have kept it off and have no disordered eating, have done the work. What work you may ask. That is the work of really digging deep and learning why you are doing what you are doing. 


Lets start with what doesn’t work long term first. Anyone person in the wellness field that starts you on anything extreme run quickly in the other direction. I can make anyone lose weight eating 800 calories per day. I however, ethically will never do that. Because you will indefinably stall, you see your body is this incredibly smart being and it will eventually start to work against you. You will stop menstruating and your hormones will go crazy. Then you will have a lot of other problems on your hands that will prevent further weight loss and you will just have to start over and do it in a healthier way.  Plus that is just not living. I am hear to tell you that you can meet your wellness goals in a healthy way that will last long term, but it takes time, it takes self discovery and it takes work. I always ask my clients and friends when they ask me about weight loss, do you want the easy way or the hard way. The easy way might not necessarily be easy, but it gets you fast results and no true wellness habits are built leading to the binge restrict diet land. The hard way is digging in deep, being okay with .5-2 lb weight loss per week and establishing life lasting healthy habits. 

Sometimes we only focus on weight loss. While many of my clients come to me for weight loss, my main goal is never just for them to lose weight, it is for them to improve all aspects of their body, mind and spirit to gain optimal health. 

So, if you feel stuck and want some results where should you start? At each meal aim to meet these requirements

  • Protein- most women do not eat enough protein. Protein keeps you full and fuels your body. Aim to get 4-6 ounces per meal. 
  • Fat- About the size of the top of your thumb is a great way to measure the amount needed. 
  • Greens- Greens are simply amazing and will help your body gain nutrients that it might be missing. 


Here is the tough love part. You have to do the work. And when I mean work, it isn’t just about the nutrition. It is doing the work mentally. If you do not dig deep mentally and uncover your triggers and any issues around food then you will end up right back where you started. So start asking yourself WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?  

You must start asking yourself some hard questions to help you meet your goals. Why do you want to be healthy, why do you want to make healthful choices, what is truly driving you? This is what will keep you going. You have to be ready for change and if you are not truly ready not much will work for you long term. Do the mental work while you make some simple nutrition changes to get started. 

And for the love, STOP COMPARING YOUR JOURNEY TO SOMEONE ELSE! Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and start doing your own work. Find what works for you. The comparing game especially in wellness want get you far. It will get you a one way ticket to confusion, feelings of unworthiness, unhappiness. 

If you put your value in an outside person, event, etc. You are releasing your power and happiness to someone else. 

Remember you can’t starve, cheat, take pills or a magic potion to gain HEALTH. 

You can have weight loss and not be healthy and this is an important piece to remember. I am not saying that all weight loss programs are bad, what I want for people is to be able to meet their goals, but also be healthy in the process. Remember this when you sign up for the next “big hit” in weight loss. Ask yourself some hard questions before starting and at the end of the day go with what you feel is right for you at that moment. I consider my self a tool in your wellness toolbox and with that I understand that people will and should have different tools in their box, this can be programs, people, meals plans etc. Design what works for you in your life. 

Wishing you Love, Health and Happiness!





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