My Philosophy

In today’s culture we overcomplicate health and wellness. Many women have become more and more disconnected to their bodies while being exposed to the mass amounts of information in the media. My goal for all women is to help them learn that their bodies are unique. While there are some solid recommendations I will make for all, each body is different and has different demands, stresses, and preferences. I am a bit of a science research nerd, and my husband makes fun of the amount of reading I do. But the body truly fascinates me, and I want to take my knowledge and help others truly understand what it feels like to be in sync with the beautiful vessels we call our bodies.

I am a wife to a great guy and mother to three amazingly wild, spirited boys. I understand what it is to work, run children to sports, and have a good, balanced meal on the table. I want women to know that perfection is overrated. It is time to LET GO of perfect. I believe in eating whole foods and diet rich in phytochemicals and nutrients. I also believe in living your life and enjoying every moment and sometimes that involves being flexible on your food choices and, yes, indulging! I am big on the 80/20 philosophy as long as it does not send your body into a bad place.

I Want To Help You

Become the best version of you!

Sugar Is Not So Sweet

I am a firm believer in that sugar is the cause behind most chronic illnesses. Overall sugar is the silent, sweet killer of Americans. It not only causes major health problems, but also disrupts your gut and your mental health. If I could eliminate one thing from your everyday diet it would be Sugar. When I work with my clients, we gradually ease them away from sugar and their bodies instantly start to thank them. I think everyone’s body is different and needs different foods at different moments in life; however, I feel as if everyone can benefit from the wellness recommendations below.


Limit or completely eliminate:

  • Sugar! GET IT OUT OF YOUR DIET! (of course add in for special occasions if you would like)
  • Gluten – limit or remove depending on how it makes you feel
  • Processed foods – Like factory and farmed meat

Add In:

  • 5-8 servings of vegetables, at least 3 servings of this from dark greens!
  • 2 servings of fruits
  • Grass fed and organic meats and eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthy grains, black rice, etc.

I will guide you on not only how to listen to your body, but how to make small changes in your home environment that can make big changes for your family.

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