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For as long as I remember I have been passionate about how the body works and how to keep one’s body balanced and healthy. I took my passion for health and wellness and majored in Health Science at Clemson University. I believe that we should take a close look at the science of wellness and, therefore, choose a degree that addresses all areas of health and wellness. After graduation, I worked 2 years in corporate wellness at GE in Greenville, SC. I have conducted fitness assessments and plans for clients, along with creating wellness programs for the employees. From there, I thought it was very important to gain experience in public health. I started working with DHEC with pre-natal patients in Local OBGYN’s practices, to educate soon- to-be moms on pre-natal and post-partum nutrition.

From that experience, I gained a passion for helping women and children. For the next 8 years, my professional focus was as a wellness coach for a local non-profit, working with children, parents, and teachers to assist them in living a healthful lifestyle. I adore helping young children learn to navigate their health and understand the importance of making healthy choices at an early age. What we all know is that the best way to reach children is to first reach all mothers. Therefore, helping women learn the tools to achieve a healthy body, mind, and spirit became my number one priority. When I began with LiveWell Greenville, another local non-profit, I worked with afterschool programs, early childcare centers, and local businesses to develop policies around nutrition and physical activity. I assisted these programs in goal setting to strengthen their environments so that it would be easier to make that healthful choice the easy choice.

I received my certification for Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. There I was trained in over 100 dietary theories and taught how to work with clients to identify areas which need their attention in order to gain total health. I continuously use my degree in researching and studying the science behind nutrition, physical activity with mind and body healing activities.

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