3 Healthy Habits to Adopt this Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2020

Turkey Day is just around the corner. I personally LOVE Thanksgiving. It is a time to reflect and give thanks and acknowledge all that we have to be grateful for. I have many clients that dread the Holiday meals. I work with them to navigate these Holiday meals and take the stress out of a beautiful time. I am big on enjoying the Thanksgiving meal. I am not big on letting Thanksgiving stretch out for a week. I encourage all my clients to really take time and think about their favorite foods during Thanksgiving and focus on flexibility for that day. I have included below my three top Healthy Habits for Thanksgiving that can make a big difference in how you feel both mentally and physically. 

 Threee healthy habits to adopt this thanksgiving:
    1. Have the Magic Three on your Plate and Eat them First!
      I know I say this all the time, but having the magic three on your plate helps to keep overeating in check. For example, have Turkey, green beans cooked in olive oil or grass fed butter or simply butter and eat this first! Then fill the rest of your plate with the favorite dishes. Anytime you can have a veggie on your plate focus on that as well.
    2. Walk or Move after Eating:   This used to be a habit that was passed down from generations. Walking or moving after a big meal helps to clear your cells of glucose so that your blood  sugar will stabilize faster. Instead of watching football, go play it or simply walk around the block. 
    3. Don’t Make Left overs last through the Weekend.  I have a client that absolutely loves Thanksgiving Leftovers. So I suggested have one meal of leftovers. Her other meals that day would look like a smoothie, big salad and then Thanksgiving Left overs. This is extremely important with desserts. Have them then let them go like Elsa! 


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