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Smoothie Time

Recipe NotesIts getting warm outside and that means smoothies are making more of an appearance! While I love a good smoothie, I find that many of my clients do not choose a balanced smoothie. What do I mean when I say balanced smoothie? I mean a smoothie that will...

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Creamy Oat less Oatmeal

Recipe NotesThe weather has been cold and rainy and when that happens I crave warm, comforting foods. I LOVE oatmeal, but It does not work the best for my body, so I started thinking how could I have that comforting oatmeal recipe minus the oats. That's when I brought...

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I love motivating audiences to improve their health and have spoken to many different group over the past 15 years. I can cover most topics and enjoy educating others on the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.