Work With Me

What will I do as your health coach? As your health coach, I will help you navigate your journey to optimal wellness and guide you to addressing the root cause of your health concerns, so that you will experience holistic healing in all areas of life.

Everyone has the power to be healthy, but many times we get bogged down with the “I will start on Monday or when the kids are in school.” Stop getting ready to be ready, your time is now!
I work with women to inspire them to listen to their bodies, thus, they begin to create a space of health. I show women how to re-connect to their bodies, and free themselves from yo-yo dieting, stubborn weight, digestive issues, acne, and imbalances. Your body is amazing, and I will work with you on techniques to give your body a chance to repair and heal. I am a huge believer in having tools in your toolbox, and I will introduce to you some researched based tools to see what works for you.

Work With Me From Anywhere

All packages, with the exception of the grocery store tour, can be done online via skype, face-time, etc.!

Perfection Is Overrated

I teach that perfection is overrated; there is simply no such thing. My goal for my clients is that 80-90% of the time eating whole, clean, organic foods. Save your 10-20 percent for when you go to dinner or want to let loose a little! Life is about balance, and that means something different to everyone, it is all about learning to listen to your body and finding what works for your unique, beautiful body. Most importantly, I want my clients to remember being kind is what life is about. It is not just about being kind to others, but being kind to your own self as well.

What I Can Help You With


Weight Loss


Repairing The Gut


Eliminating or decreasing acne


Preventative health


Learning what whole foods are


Breaking your love for Sugar


Explaining to you why you need to limit or eliminate Certain foods


Introducing you to different styles of eating


Assisting with elimination diet to see what is causing your inflammation

What you get

Getting Started: I recommend 6-8 sessions of education, coaching, and assessment in order to see your desired results. Depending on where you are in your wellness journey, you might require fewer, only two or three sessions. We can always add months as we go!

The “GETTING STARTED” package includes:

  • 60 minutes initial health coaching session where we review your health history, identify goals, and look at your strengths and areas for growth.
  • A personalized wellness plan that includes the following:
    • Recipes: The Filling Four, Satisfying Six and Tasty Ten
    • Personalized menu plan for your individual needs
    • Supplement recommendations
    • A Food List (to help with grocery shopping and meal planning)
  • A 45- minute health coaching session to discuss questions, follow-up on progress, and make needed adjustments to your plan
  • Unlimited E-mail support (within 24 – 48 hours turnaround) .
  • Weekly check-ins via e-mail or text

I also strongly suggest adding on a 1 hour grocery store tour. This is invaluable to clients and really helps in meal planning. -60 minutes for $100.

Additional Support: I understand everyone has different needs. Some people stay with health coaches for years, others just a few months. Therefore, instead of purchasing larger packages, I like to give my clients some flexibility in add- on sessions. Follow up monthly sessions are below:

  • 2 follow up 45- minute sessions (meeting twice a month) where we will continue to monitor your progress and set goals
  • notes and any updated goals and suggestions after each follow-up
  • My continued support(e-mail, weekly check-ins), providing you with more nutrition resources
  • You really lead these sessions and we focus on your needs, but after working with clients for a while I have found the following to be meaningful to the wellness journey:
  1. Nutrition plates: the why behind eating whole foods
  2. Food: where to spend your money
  3. Stress: how it relates to total health and how to manage stress
  4. Physical activity: what works for you
  5. Supplements and adaptogens
  6. Complementary therapies (acupuncture, chiropractor, breath work)

( 2 session minimum )