Resetting Post Covid-19

Oct 20, 2020

I know Covid19 is still out there, but as we learn more about the virus and how to navigate “normal” living around it, many people are wondering how to get back on track with their wellness journey. Today, I am going to share with you what I have learned over the past 7 months and hopefully give you some insight on how to continue your health journey even when things don’t quite feel normal. 

First of all, Its okay if you hid in your pantry during quarantine and ate Nutella! Yes, that was me! While I try and nourish my body with my magic three most the time, I found myself stressed with teaching three wild boys day in and day out. My entire day was now devoted to teaching, breaking up fights, fixing meals and meals and more meals. Not to mention the unknown of WHEN WILL THIS END?

So what did I do? I would take a break and reset, if I didn’t choose as healthy of a meal I would do better at my next meal. I moved everyday. I moved a lot! I did not focus on my slips during the week, I focused on all the positive nourishing meals I was giving my body.

As school ended and summer approached it was another adjustment. Our boys struggle greatly in the summer, they don’t necessarily love school, but they love the social aspect and the routine and the security of that. All that was taken from them, sports, etc. so we had a lot of emotions in our house that were difficult. This entire Covid experience was very difficult for all my boys. When I mean difficult I don’t mean the occasional meltdown, it was a roller coaster of extreme emotions everyday. I will not go into our specific journey with the boys, but know it was and still is a very difficult process for them.

Which brings us to present day. All three boys are trying to navigate this new school year. Which means I am back teaching. Which means even though we are not in lock down our normal is still not back. So how do we reset and focus on our health?

How to reset Post covid-19:

 1. Let go of what was… If you ate chips and salsa everyday and had margaritas for dessert during the past 7 months, well good for you! You did what you needed to do at that moment.  Do not judge yourself, let it go and take a breath and start with baby steps. The secret is to not get stuck in the habit of say eating Nutella in the pantry. It’s all about breathing, letting go and starting again. When you allow yourself to get stuck is where the damage is done. Don’t stay stuck!

2. Start with one habit… I say this to all my clients, will power gives out (guess what I have zero right now), but habits stick. Start with a protein rich breakfast every morning! It’s as simple as that. Start slow, overhauling everything in a day will only add more cortisol to an already stressed out body. 

3. You can only Control yourself and your Environment…. We have no control over any of this, we only have control over ourselves and how we take care of ourselves. You are in fact in charge of your emotions. Do what you need to do to release the anger and frustrations. Get off social media if you find that it angers your or makes you anxious. I truly believe that if we all spent even a 1/4 of the time we spend on getting angry at how others think or live and focus on improving ourselves and our families, then the world would truly be a better place. 

4. Movement…. Move for mental health right now. I am telling my clients to simply move. Movement helps to move all the negative out so you can open space for the positive.

5. Gratitude…. I know you have heard me say this before, but optimal health is so much more than movement and nutrition. Finding the good in your day can change your overall happiness. Writing or tagging in your brain three things that you are thankful for that day can greatly impact your mood, which in turns makes it easier to make solid nutrition choices. 

6. Love Yourself… This one is so hard, but so needed. Simply love yourself enough to want to change to want to be better.

If you can related to any of these reasons, then find a health coach near you. Search Integrative Nutrition coach to find an INN certified coach near you!
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