Let Go of Perfection

Dec 18, 2019

 Kiss Perfection Goodbye

Kiss perfection goodbye. Stop trying to do everything perfectly. I find that many people go crazy over the holidays because come January they are going to be “perfect” on their nutrition and wellness. Its best to let that go right now.  The “Monday”  or the “January” mentality is one of my pet peeves. There is no reason to continue making less than healthy choices because you are just going to start on Monday or Be Perfect come January. 

No one meal is going to make or break your wellness. It is what you do consistently that counts. So, if you consistently come back to a way of eating (my reset method focuses on this) that works for you after you have indulged, then that’s a win! And that is a lifestyle. Let go of the fad diets or the diets that are so strict you are starving and unhappy. On a diet you cannot veer, you have no flexibility and you fail if you go off the suggested plan. Try giving your body the right foods that work for it so that it doesn’t crave triggering foods. If you do indulge over the holidays, have a couple meals that you can come back to, that you know make you feel grounded. It is all about taking a breathe and resetting. Break away from perfection!

Look, the reality is that we are not going to be a perfect student, employee, wife, friend, or mom. That is not why we are here. It honestly does not matter how “perfect” someones wellness journey looks, it matters what is real. Perfection is plain and simple just not real. When you start falling into the Perfection game, just remember life is supposed to be a journey of falls. It is our ability to get back up that defines us—- not how.



How I talk Myself out of Joining the “Perfection” Game in Life and Wellness

    1. I Do Not Compare:  Comparison is the quickest way to start doubting yourself. Do not compare your wellness journey with others. My journey is going to look different than others and that is okay. Find what works for you and stay with it. 
    2. Leave it in the Past: This is one that I have to work on a good bit. So what if I ate something that was not on my regular nutrition plan. I am not going to dwell on it, or beat myself up. Leave it in the past and move on. I use this a lot with my kids. I have lots of moments as a mom of three boys where I make mistakes and yell and honestly act like a crazy person. I have gotten quite good at taking a breath and leaving it in the past. Don’t take that with you. Learn from it and move on. 
    3. Who Defines Perfect:  I think a Perfect Wellness Journey is one that has mistakes and that isn’t perfect. Perfect is what you define it. Stop looking at a perfectly created instagram feed to define your perfect. 
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