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I AM NOT HERE TO JUDGE. My kids eat certain foods that are not the best, but I also know that they need to learn balance and so you will see my kids consume a Gatorade, chips or ice cream, but know when you see this they are educated and reminded daily on how the importance of eliminating sugar and why 80-90% of their diets needs to be whole foods. Having a diet high in sugar is detrimental to children. When working with families, I help parents look at where sugar is sneaking in and help the children understand the ”why” behind limiting the amount of sugar. All this is done with the mindset that you have to be flexible or at least I am when it comes to my children. In a perfect world I would raise my kids on an organic farm, and we would run around barefoot and eat farm raised foods and not have homework! And some people do live this way. For us, however, we wanted a community. The boys love sports, and we like to be in the middle of the action (I am still dreaming of my farm one day).

My philosophy is pretty simple with my family. We eat whole clean foods 80-90% of the time. My boys limit their sugar to under 25 grams most days (and that is from organic yogurts, protein bars and granola), I try and get as many vegetables and fruits in their bodies as possible (I do choose organic produce for them), they must eat their protein, and they do not have sugar sweetened beverages often (maybe lemonade or Gatorade at sporting events, etc.). They drink a ton of water, and we educate the boys on the “why’s” of good choices. When they are at a birthday party or if they would like ice cream on a Friday night, or if they eat s’mores at a campout or have a snow cone at football game, those treats will comprise the 10-20% of their free choice time. Amazingly, sometimes they opt not to have the sugar.

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It's All About Balance

This concept should apply to you as well! 90% of the time I am eating whole, clean, organic foods, but I save my 10-20 percent for when I go to dinner or when want to let loose a little! Life is about balance, and that means something different to everyone. Balance is all about learning to listen to your body and finding what works for your unique, beautiful body.

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